the no-man’s land of reorganization

05 May

as a history teacher we would talk about the concept of no man’s land when it came to warfare.  there was seemed to always be  a swath of land between enemy lines that was inhabited by neither… and that is where it got messy.  when the battle was over, lines were redrawn and eventually there would be another conflict where a patch of land would serve as that purpose as the two sides continued to inflict damage on the other.  my department is being reorganized and instead of land, there appears to be a swath of time where the newly organized structure hasn’t taken place, but the former structure is no more and i’m hoping it doesn’t get messy.  the overwhelming fear right now seems to be the lack of clarity.  how will the work function?  how will folks function as they transition roles?  what folks don’t have roles to transition in to?  questions abound, for sure.  perhaps the one the weighs the heaviest on my mind is the one regarding the day to day 2 ton elephant in the room.  in order to respect the uncertain fate all of us it would be inappropriate to ask others what/if /how they will function when the dust clears, but to ignore that is the situation we are all dealing with makes it tenuous.  if i wasn’t so personally invested perhaps i would see this some sort of fascinating sociology experiment, but it falls just too close to home to view it as anything other than tragic.

while comparatively inconsequential, my blogging has suffered.  i just can’t muster the energy to see beyond the fog that has settled over the whole situation.  i suppose i could give it a go, but i’d prefer to recapture my mojo when the time is right and not force the issue.


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