recommendation engines

01 Jun

i read a great article in time (here) this past weekend that focused on how recommendation engines function.  i would have MUCH preferred to be reading it on the iPad, however TIME hasn’t gotten their act together in pricing that sucker out, so for now i am sticking with the print version…i digress.  i never thought about first, how many places give me recommendations, and second, how those work.  i know facebook gives them to me, that is just based on simple commonalities, likewise with amazon.  if a bought a book by that author, then i might like other books by that author or something else in the genre.  rarely will i get a recommendation that is 180 degree different that the book that i ordered.  although, as far as amazon goes, i have thrown a monkey wrench in the whole deal because i order books on behalf of myself, my wife and my son who all have radically different reading tastes.  i don’t use netflix, so that part of the article was interesting but i couldn’t make connections to the life that i lead.  pandora radio has been a fascination because i use it and the music genome project is amazing, each song could be broken down to 100’s of attributes.  read the linked article for more about that gig.

i was thinking about how we could use a recommendation in professional learning.  if you took this course, you might like this course as well.  what attributes could our professional learning experiences be broken down in to?  we often simply focus on topic or grade level, but perhaps there are other threads that run though our trainings that might be of interest in our continued work.  instead of the music genome project, we need the professonal learning genome project.  would we like what we saw?  would some unsettling conversations arise out of what we are offering and what teachers are taking?

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