Dissecting the 21st century teacher @ISTE2010

28 Jun

Dissecting the 21st century teacher > ISTE 2010

Two things are very cool and this session hasn’t even started yet, it is a panel discussion which is a nice break from the norm, and they handed out student response clickers (quizdom) before they began. Looking forward to some fresh conversation…

What is one and am I one? This was done all through social networking. Hopefully we will come away with some ideas.

Began with panel introductions. I bet it’s hard to be humble when up in front of a large group. Everyone has their laptops open and we are being asked to tweet. Cool.

21st century teacher = progressive teacher, I missed the title exactly, dang.

Integrating technology was NOT chosen as the key characteristic of the 21st century teacher, interesting. I bet we would all agree that while not most important, it needs to be present. How many people would have chosen that on your campus? I chose innovative, while I could have gone with all of the above, i decided to make a choice and not bail out and play it safe.

Should tech integration be conscious and deliberate? I say yea, it won’t happen spontaneously. If Jukes is right, we had better attend to it.

What’s most important for educators to do outside the classroom? I say seek out learning experiences. Technically it embodies all the other answers, but i like the broadness of this choice as it will be different for different teachers. Is being an advocate for the kids personals enough to be considered teacher learning? Perhaps I’m just mincing words.

Full disclosure – this was the first session that I REALLY worked the Twitter back channel. Lots of fun commenting on others and having others comment on my tweets. I was actually part of a very rare retweet 🙂

Presenter had a great point, it’s easy to complain, it’s harder to find a work around. It’s a crutch and we should be embarrassed if that stops us from engaging our kids.

It’s not fair to say the transition to a 21st century classroom is easy, it diminishes the effort of those who are working hard to make that change. Who said that nothing worth achieving should be easy? It applies here as well.

What resources are available for a teacher to be 21st century? Teachers are great at being resourceful, this situation is no exception.

It’s nice to be part of the a thinking session. We spend lots of time scouring conferences for magic bullets.

What advice would you give an educator to take that next step? Good question. It’s important to get connected, read blogs, join Twitter, listen to podcasts. Immerse yourself and don’t feel like its not going to happen immediately. Don’t be afraid to take risks and experience potential failures.

Tremendous session, great food for thought.


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