CDW @ ISTE 2010

29 Jun

The 2010 CDW-G 21st Century Classroom Report > ISTE 2010
Preparing students for the Future or the Past?

This session will be sharing the results of a report that was released yesterday, the panel has colorado, new york, DC, new mexico

#cdw as a hash tag to tweet

1,000 hs students, hs faculty and district IT

43% say hs is not preparing them to use technology to the workforce
94% anticipate using technology to complete assignments

DC – focuses on digital citizenship – preparing them for life, not college
NM – educational technologist in every school in the district
NY – 3 ways students tell them what they want – surveys/focus group, student technology groups, 4 credit class

do we ask teachers what their technology vision is in HISD? what would be the results? do you think we are meeting their needs? are they informed enough to address those types of questions? how realistic are the methods of getting that type of information in a district our size?

CO – wireless access is critical
NM – gathering data from teachers is easy, the hard part is the PD associated with the tech

the data from the study shows that there is a discrepancy in student and teachers responses to the extent technology is integrated in the classroom. *no real surprise there, is it possible that this is due to differing definitions of what technology integration looks like?

NM – we need to do a better job of using the technologies kids already use that might be uncomfortable for educators (his answers have been spot on!)
NY – he sees a thread in the report – there is a disconnect between what we think we are doing and what students perceive we are doing – it’s about meeting their needs and he sees 1-1 being an attainable goal for his district which is middle of the road in terms of SES

How do we offer the PD that teachers need?
DC – send teachers to conferences, also get together and learn from each other and share. also try to create digital content online for parents to see how students are using technology. *answer doesn’t offer me much help
NY – tier professional development, menu driven, suited to individual needs, lots of session about evaluating tech and look at the pedagogy behind it. does it fit in my classroom? most teachers don’t learn the same way students – text based methods, etc., most important thrust is teaching teachers how to learn differently so they can start to understand that PPT on IWB and google searches IS NOT technologically learning. better to plug in to a class in south america with personal learning goals. its a huge paradigm shift. *excellent answer!

idea: what if we brought teachers in and asked them to used digital tools to explore content that is their passion area? find blogs, etc. would they make the connection to what they should be providing for their kids? we do some of this already by including tools seamlessly into our professional learning, perhaps we should take another step?

what are the keys to integrating technology in your schools?
NY – 21st century skills, beyond tech, are not being taught in the schools. PD is 3 tiered 1st 21st century skills, 2nd is ??, 3rd is social networking to improve your own learning.

biggest disconnect are the technology tools being used in personal lives versus educational use. goal is to leverage the tools they already use. example: social media. how do we tap in to those opportunities? can we set ground rules?
DC – they use a responsible use policy
NY – they don’t block social media tools, they have back channel chat in classes, students believe that is one of the best learning tools they have implemented in terms of 1 to 1. *this sounds great, but since HISD does not have a 1-1 environment, can we use back channels? are teachers willing to trust the use of these tools?
CO – lots of tools are in direct conflict with district policy of disruptive technology, so there needs to be discussions about how to reconcile this, there is a mixed message being sent out.

why no females on the panel?

When students were asked what one tech do you believe would be most useful in your eduction? computing device, e-reader, digital content were the top 3 answers.

DC – no teaching background, is that a good idea to announce that to the group? i don’t mean in terms of honesty, but i have to admit that when someone does that, it compartmentalizes them in terms of how i will receive their message having never been “in the trenches”

how do we support teachers and their tech needs?
NY – shake things up and ask for the school budget and calculate how much is spent in specific tech areas that could be replaced, we have to show the decision makers that it is a sustainable way to save money – verizon partnered with them to provide free internet service to all students on free/reduced lunch
CO – be mindful of those who don’t have computers and internet at home

*interesting session – it might appeal to a more less ed tech technology person than a professional development person, but it was interesting to see the stats and validate what we probably all thought.



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