Podcasting and mobile media @ ISTE 2010

29 Jun

Podcasting and Mobile Media > ISTE 2010

Back channel :

The tech chicks are here from a favorite podcast of mine techchicktips! Kinda cool.

Mobile media, a fluid environment which information us conveyed and learning is accomplished.

First segment on why cell phones are great – problem is they are preaching to the converted. The conversation needsj to happen with other audiences that might effect higher level change

Second segment on podcasting, must have content in which someone can subscribe by RSS, not the same as posting an audio file. * good info but the presenter is talking at a VERY low level to the audience. Focus on content and production.
Examples: always on, tech chick tips

Editorial notes: the session looked promising but ended up being a beginners session, perhaps it was listed as such in the program, I try to not sit in on a session that doesn’t match my level. The back channel was fun though.


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