7 steps to flatten your classroom @ ISTE 2010

30 Jun

Kaizen = Japanese for slow steady improvement
“you cannot step in the same river twice”

1. Connect – (connect yourself) pull using an RSS feeder, set your browser start page for serendipitous learning, PLN, use tablet sized device, create and maintain a media diet, handheld devices, social bookmarking, join online conversions, networking organizations. (connect your classroom) analyze your context, understand site blocking, work with curriculum, it’s not what your blocking its what your bringing in, teachers as entrepreneurs who customize the classroom for their students – teacherprenuership, 5 phases to connect the classroom – intra, inter, managed global (epals), student to student with teacher management, student to student with student management. Essential connectivity tools – appt scheduler- timebridge, google calendar, google docs, Ning, wikispaces, elimuminate, weebly.
2. Communicate – synchronous and asynchronous environments
3. Citizenship – digital citizen, responsible,the norms of behavior with regard to technology use, stress professionalism, have a procedure for documenting issues, 3 steps to be a digiteacher (on ppt).
4. Contribute and collaborate – be present online, develop strategies to gauge online participation, like a wiki history, cooperation versus collaboration, consider which global collaboration level you can function on night now.
5. Choice – if helen Keller was in your school would she become helen Keller? Keys in on differentiation, needs to be more than just text based, the tech you choose should address different learning styles.
6. Create – gave an example from Westside HS in Houston!
7. Celebrate – new fiends, new achievements, new accomplishments, new understandings, students create a 2 minute jpeg for an elluminate celebration

Notes from related session…
Flat Classroom birds of a feather session > ISTE 2010
Possible topics
@ Stereotypes
@ Ethics, personal integrity, culture
@ Global issues, global problems
@ Embracing diversity, focus on commonalities
*focus on more content, less culture

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