Asynchronous mastery learning in a hybrid classroom @ ISTE 2010

30 Jun

Lots of positives to brick and mortar, some drawbacks as well
Good stuff about online, problems arise as well

Perhaps a blended model is best – take the best of both worlds

If you are going to go hybrid perhaps we need to look at the problems that are occurring, what are the behaviors/strategies that work best in both situations and bring them together? Could this work in HISD? Is it possible to blend?
Key – identify what you want to eliminate and what you want to enhance.

The face to face should have value, if they. Can get it on a podcast then do they really need to be in class physically present? So what do we do live? These guys haven’t done a live lecture in 3 years, they precast all their lectures.

By doing this they recapture time that they used vodcasting, the guided or independent activity can be twice as long! More activity when the lecture is vodcasted. *amazing, a teacher using this said that she no longer has to perform 5 times a day, she gets to know her students and really coach.

They have data that shows growth.

Distribution – district server, iTunes,, teacher tube, flash drives, DVDs, cell phones

Next, they developed a mastery level – kids can work asynchronously at their own place. What happens when they are done in April? They’ve earned time to work on other stuff. I wonder if it would be possible to have way stations, places where they all stop and meet before moving on.

How do you check if they watched the podcast. They decided they that check their notes and then the student has to ask an interesting question about the content.

Kids liked it because it is backwards, the lecture is done at home and the homework is done at school hare a teacher is there to help.

Beginning unit the give them a student checklist and they use a master teacher checklist. They use moodle to give different tests to the kids, tests must be done in class.


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