seven days > day 1

19 Jul

stephanie over at change agency is running a mini-course to help bloggers of all experiences during 7 days to a better blog.  i’ve gone ahead and started with the group and today was about design, which is something i think a lot about.  seth godin calls what we do art and the artistry of blog design says a ton about the writer.  don’t give me some line about books and covers, because when someone stumbles across your blog you better believe your cover is the first thing that is going to invite them to stay or keep clicking by.  good to see design is attended to, but it was more on the functionality side of things.  i changed my template (it was time) and need to look at using more tabs/pages.

stephanie posed an interesting question about who we believe our audience is, i’m not sure if i covered this before so i’ll be brief.  i don’t care who reads my blog and i’m not trying to get anyone to read my blog.  my updates post on my twitter feed, but i don’t care if anyone follows me there either.  i blog because i think it’s useful to reflect and i really believe that we are all better people when we have a place to write down what we are thinking.  i would like to blog more often, but life gets in the way as it tends to do with all of us.  having said all that, i write as if anyone is going to read my blog, and i have had a few surprise readers.  i write with the belief that if the person i work for, the people i interact with, and the people i’m writing about are going to read it the second i hit submit.  does that count as a description of my audience?

please don’t mistake my “i don’t care” as some sort of anger or hidden message…it really means that i couldn’t care less.  try it, it’s liberating.  i’m not participating in this mini course in an effort to really have a better blog, i’m hoping to think about my blog in ways that i haven’t, and in turn think about what i’m writing.  no disappointment on day 1.

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