more voicethread brilliance

29 Aug

i’ve had the good fortune to participate in several of bill ferriter‘s asynchronous voicethread discussions.  he has moderated a few and while the name recognition of his guest authors are great, it doesn’t hold a candle to the fantastic discourse i am able to take part it in.  the most brilliant part about it all is that the greatness of the discussions that i am able to have is a direct parallel to what so many tech ed folks have been banging on for quite some time…the tool not only enabled me to engage in thoughtful discussion as a learner, bit it would NOT have been possible otherwise.  there were some fantastic threads in this most recent discussion and one of them looked at the ‘tool discussion’ getting in the way.  the question that i was thinking about this week wasn’t how can i use the tool voicethread? it was how can i have thought provoking conversation with others, around the world? the tool made it possible, but the goal was far greater.

perhaps it should sadden me?  why aren’t i able to have these types of discussions more often?  why don’t i seek out the opportunities to engage on a more regular basis?  are the tools that i currently employ not getting the job done?  this past discussion has got me thinking not only about the content, but who and how i am having my conversations with.

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