Maintaining your lanes

19 Sep

It’s another old coaching axiom regarding kickoff coverage: maintain your lanes. The point is that each player has a path they are responsible for, and although they may get pushed off track and meander a bit, they need to find their way back to the lane they are responsible for. In an educational sense, it sounds kind of nice. So many times we want our students to find their way to an end of some sort and we generally have a rough path that could followed. I like to think that students get pushed off track as well and I think this is where coaches might understand a bit better than teachers! Coaches know there will deviation from the path, they know that there will be obstacles and forces that will push their players off the strict path, but they expect/coach their players to make their way to where they need to be. Good stuff. I was listening to a podcast on a recent run that was talking about special teams breakdowns and how bad it can get when players don’t maintain their lanes, how breakdowns occur when players aren’t disciplined. Is it poor coaching? Is the breakdown a good experience so the players can see what happens when they don’t get back to where they need to be? Is it possible that failure, while detrimental to the score, can be a more powerful learning experience than success? I get the sense that lots of teachers fear coaching their kids up and then relinquishing power for a bit. The atmosphere of too many classrooms isn’t one of coaching,trying, learning, rather it is one where the whistle never blows, the students never get to navigate obstacles and try to maintain their lane.

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