If we were really serious about educational technology

23 Nov

scott mccleod in his Dangerously Irrelevant blog put together a nice list of items that we would be doing if we were serious about educational technology, a response post by tim holt was posted here.  i had a nice time looking through the responses to the post because it ranged from polite to downright acerbic; all in all there was some good stuff.  i don’t know the specifics of my list, but i am fairly certain about one hard, fast idea

as an educator, if you don’t see the value of educational technology and/or if you take no steps to harness that power then you need to go.

simple.  like most of the responses to the initial post, i am tired of rallying cries and watching quick videos that are meant to convince teachers that this is the way to go.  i shutter to think about an adult teaching children today that fails to recognize that educational technology can provide educational experiences otherwise not available.  nay-sayers can go to town with a long list of all the ‘foundations’ of education that ‘just can’t be accomplished’ with technology and i’m happy to grant you that entire list as long as you also recognize the equally long list (if not longer) of items that cannot be accomplished without educational technology.

we are falling behind.  talk of 21st century is so…last century.  ‘preparing students for jobs that don’t exist’ was 4 versions ago – it’s just called preparing students.   scott says it best in one of his points, it’s about recognizing the power and potential and then doing something about it.

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