when will ‘meetings’ go away?

10 Dec

this is going to be a bit touchy and i’m going to do my best to tip toe my way around a topic that could potentially upset those who could probably relieve me of my paycheck 🙂  it has been 2 years since i made the (temporary?) transition from classroom to cube and there are some practices that still make me shake my head.  a friend and i were walking down the hallway and we say a ‘meeting’ happening and after getting a bit of a chuckle at the facial and body expressions we saw we got to talking about the idea of change and how deep some folks are willing to go.  it seems to me that we are willing to make changes but not willing to make CHANGES.  we are happy to rearrange the items on the desk but we are not willing to scrap the whole idea of a desk and look for something else that will serve our work function, metaphorically speaking of course.  how much change can really occur if the decision making power continues to reside in the few around a small table when the many are ripe to be crowdsourced?  doesn’t it seem like in these days of collaboration, to not harness the power of the crowd is akin to fighting with one hand tied behind your back?  i’m not saying this in any sort of power hungry way, personally i prefer the anonymity of the cube.  it seems apparent to me that the traditional strict linear management structure is eventually going to be what holds an organization back given the current trends in what makes organizations effective.

maybe not.  i didn’t go to management school and i’ve certainly never held a management position so it is all together possible that i don’t know what is going on when it comes to structuring the decision making machine of an organization, however i am a teacher and i know lots about what happens when you don’t make decision making accessible to everyone.   i also have enjoyed the benefits of shared control of a learning space and i can say with all certainty that it simply works better.

so when will these ‘meetings’ go away?  what will take it’s place?  what happens at a meeting that could be done more efficiently given the tools at our disposal to collaborate?


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2 responses to “when will ‘meetings’ go away?

  1. Jeri

    December 12, 2010 at 10:13 am

    So it appears nothing has changed and frustration with the lack of forward movement still exists.
    Management should clear the way for the thinkers and workers to get the real work done. Instead they continue to be the squelchers of good ideas and effective action. Don’t miss the futility of meetings, but do miss the energy of your ideas that could transform education.

  2. texasbuckeye

    December 12, 2010 at 11:40 am

    Perhaps the source of my frustration is that we are willing to change in so many ways, but there are still some stalwart traditional practices that are hard habits to break. Letting go of these practices may be the last step in really moving forward, but we aren’t there yet. Opportunities to be innovative and pursue new avenues of leanrning aren’t as frequent as they used to be. Thankfully, I still have immediate leadership who supports the work I do. Bigger entities seem to be holding back proposed work, but i can’t sweat it if the agendas of others are short sighted.


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