19 Jan

can i say it’s itsy bitsy?  funny this word should pop up today, as my daughter was singing this song in a different language yesterday afternoon.  a spider, to me, is something that sets a trap and lays in wait for other to stumble in to it; not exactly the way we would like to be described by our friends…or students. word of the day

the last part of the prompt today got me thinking about what a colleague of mine used to call ‘gotcha’ teachers.   their goals weren’t to make sure the students mastered content/concepts, rather to “catch” the kids who didn’t by springing a trap on them.  i realize this isn’t a nice way of describing a teacher, but it’s a hard fact that i imagine everyone recognizes.  we have all had ‘gotcha’ teachers and how much did that method help us?  how many times in life are we put in that situation?  in contrast, how many times are we asked to be prepared so that we can deal with the unexpected?

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