Cloud Computing: Learning and Assessment Communities in Distance Learning > TCEA 2011

10 Feb

Dr. Kay Abernathy, Lamar University

What is cloud computing? Why is your digitial footprint becoming a part of the administrative conversation?

Glen: it’s about access; virtual hard drive; collaboration
Ellen: the are different levels; capability to do things free, online, accessible to everyone
Panelist 3: Being able to do things that you wouldn’t be able to do where you are; skype; dropbox

24/7, on demand, shared resources, elastic, distributing computing

How is cloud computing used in education and assessment?
Panelists has similar responses, many gave everyday examples like banking or smart phones. The idea of being globally competitive was brought up as well.

3 of the 4 participants shared their digital portfolio, each was similar but has unique attributes. Nice showcase of all the work they did.

How are your kids using e-portfolios? Responses were varied based upon the grade level of the kids. Sounds like some used technology as a hook, its how they connect with their kids.

Need to move from teacher led, student facilitated to a situation where it is student led, teacher facilitated.

*it was nice to hear them talk about their experience, clearly gratifying for them. I’m still looking for that ‘wow’ session. Nice conversation but I didn’t encounter the unknown this morning…yet.

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