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On the way to confratute

I’m hoping to blog regularly from the confrence but I’m going to Twitter as well, my Twitter account is under “texasbuckeye”. I’m also hoping to make use of audioboo as well which is a place I can audio blog from the conference as well, the site is but I’ll post a link a bit later. So far so good as we are on the plane to Baltimore where we will catch a connection to Hartford. The only event to speak of is I happen to win a challenge the flight crew put out to name 9 professional teams that don’t end in “s”. Lightning, Avalanche, Wild, Jazz, Heat, Magic, Red Sox, White Sox, Thunder. Makes me wonder what my brain is holding in there and what better uses those spaces could be used for! The conference strands offer some exciting opportunities but I’m going to withhold juudgment until I see what they are made of. If I’m reading it correctly it appears we will follow strands all week. I hope the tech sessions are advanced levels. More later.

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