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blogging = the cure for the common k’vetch

blogging has been on my mind recently, specifically that of a professional and reflective nature and something occurred to me the other day and it has to do with a popular reason people don’t blog. you hear lots of people say they prefer to talk to people instead, which i understand. for those people i pose 2 questions. #1 – is your ‘talking’ with other people reflective or is it simply a play by play? #2 – how often does your ‘talk’ turn in to complaining? the value reflection seems to be diminished when it is seen as done for someone else. i feel like regardless of if i am able to settle my mind on some sort of conclusion, the act of rolling an issue around allows me to consider in ways that i would not have otherwise.

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who doesn’t have email?

students, that’s who!  i have had two very productive problem solving sessions this week.  the first was to figure out the best way for students to blog with their students when their students don’t have email accounts.  long story short, it turns out edublogs uses a gmail workaround but it takes quite a bit of work on the front end.  edublogs uses a wordpress layout so it’s not the easiest to navigate.  the easiest tool to use is pbwiki or wikispaces.  they make creating logins a snap and you can create the password as well.  obviously wikis don’t share the same functions as blogs but it certainly is worth mentioning, especially how you can place threaded discussion widgets on wikis should you choose.  my second fun problem to solve was in regards to vuvox, which has interested me for a while and i finally had the opportunity to make use of it while designing an online module.  it’s hard to describe, perhaps its best to visit and sort it out for yourself but it is a great visual tool that can be used a couple of different ways.  in may case, it was about the foundations of differentiation.

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let the games begin

i have quite the full plate this week and most remarkably the 3 professional learning sessions that i will be leading are all short sessions that i have never delivered before 🙂  while it probably should make me a bit more nervous than i am, this week shapes up to be a confluence of two practices that are very important to me…being busy and being challenged, i consider this week to have both of these in surplus.  i’ll start out with a webinar tomorrow afternoon and while i’ve been part of a webinar before i’ve never led one.  it will only be 45 minutes and i am very familiar with the content so i feel good about my first hurdle.  wednesday brings a 2 hour SK refresher, the content i could do in my sleep given it is the foundation of gifted programs in HISD, but the tight format and the larger contract that the training falls in context of is something new.  finally friday will provide me and opportunity to go back to a super school i had the pleasure of working with a few weeks ago, this time to get the conversation started about using blogs.  the calm of mid to late august is gone and a full fall training calendar awaits, this week is sure to be an interesting prologue.

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why “we” blog

great blog posting by Dean Shareski here that talks about not only why he blogs, but the cyclical and reflective nature blogging takes when compared to his teaching.  i particularly like when Dean talks about the times he would try new methods in his classroom not only to see if it was more effective, but also so that he could blog about it and find out what his online colleagues thought about it all.  as a matter of course we ask students to journal and free write to get their thoughts out so that they can start to think about them critically, but we as adult educators often fail to do that exact thing.  are we hypocritical?  there are all the excuses in the world for why we are too busy or have nothing to say but did we accept those excuses from our students when they refused to pick up their pencils?  i’ll add one more reason to blog/journal/write and that is to clear space.  its almost as if getting the thoughts out somehow compacts them and makes space for new thoughts, otherwise i have the same old thoughts tumbling around my head, taking up far more space than they are due.

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i’m going to try a few new ways of reflecting on the information i run across while at confratute.  i’m going to blog (obviously), twitter (which i usually do anyway), and audioboo (  audioboo will allow me to post short audio podcasts, sort of an audio blog.  i’ll be honest, my biggest concern is having people watch me talk to my phone.  i suppose i could simply hold it up and act like i’m talking to someone, but i think it’s best to just not overthink it.  i am looking forward to trying new tools and employing new ones in my efforts to reflect on new learning and new experiences.

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