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the beauty of the cloud

my laptop isn’t well.  last wednesday in the midst of a technology meeting my hard drive decided to go on strike and it seems no part of the cpu is willing to cross the picket line.  i called in the job to the help desk, but it hasn’t been looked at yet, more than likely that will happen monday or Tuesday.  oddly enough, i was leading a session at a school the very afternoon that it died.  i also had a session two days later.  both of these sessions were technology intense with some presentation tools and other tools to help the flow of the sessions and most people, who hadn’t backed up their hard drive in the past 3 months would have panicked, but i didn’t have to.  don’t get me wrong, if the hard drive isn’t able to be saved (i’m saying a silent prayer and crossing my toes as i type!) i’m going to lose documents, pics, etc. that is going to be a bit of an inconvenience and will create lots more work for me to recreate, but all and all i’m safe for a very simple reason…i have embraced the cloud.  my team uses a wiki where we house our presentations, documents, pdf’s and the like that we all need access to.  true, i may only have pdf versions of some word documents that might be tough to edit, but it sure beats having nothing!  likewise, many of the webtools that i have been using for presentations (prezi, wallwisher, issuu to name a few) afford me space to keep them on their server, so once again i’m safe.  i don’t mean to make light of this potentially very sad situation, but because i didn’t put all my eggs in one basket, i was able to take care of business.  we all have witnessed someone losing EVERYTHING when their hard drive crashes, right?  we all look at each other and say, “man, i’m going to back up my stuff”, then learn from that very unfortunate situation.  hopefully you can do the same from this.  while my situation doesn’t have the same ending, i recommend you embrace the cloud as well.

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the cloud

i’ve been reading lots lately about what cloud computing means for all of us, and with push notification becoming increasingly common the way in which we access information and how information finds us, is crafting the technology we use.  it’s not good enough to store information on some server and be able to access it from seemingly infinite points, now we have to make sure that information is pushed straight to us the moment it is available regardless of whether we are or not.  i think its important to acknowledge these types of trends so we can leverage them (not my favorite term, but it works) for our uses in working with teachers, and for use in the classroom.

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