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the heath bros. know resistance as well

i blogged a while back about seth godin’s linchpin and several of the ideas that hit home with me.  it’s his best work and the book really resonated with me.  i’m now reading switch by dan and chip heath and the idea of resistance has come up again, and it’s looked at in the same way.  in the same way that godin talks about resistance as a force that disables thrashing or shipping, the heaths see it, too, as an obstacle to overcome but this time in the context of change.  clarity dissolves resistance, so simple and so true.  this line comes after a piece about scripting moves to stay the course during times of change, but it works in the context of linchpin as well.  when the resistance is in the form of someone, often clarity will be able to disarm them.  to continue the author mashup even futher, lencioni uses fable to drive home very simple points that often/always end in some sort of success.  perhaps what lencioni is doing is offering a bit of clarity to a situation, thus making the solution seem almost intuitive where at one point it was completely hidden.  a friend of mine questioned my reading choices a while back, i suppose it would appear that my reading for pleasure could easily be misconstrued as reading for work.  i’m not sure if they are right or not.  if i were still in the classroom would these books appeal to me?  it saddens me to think that i wouldn’t read/enjoy them if i hadn’t left the classroom but that may be the case.  i like books that make me think.  i’ve had a terrific run of books and authors that seem to connect with me and with each other and speak strongly to the work i do and the work that i might someday want to do.

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it’s tough to ship

thrashing is fun.  working on the work is…work, but as long as i see it as being purposeful it can be fulfilling.  tuning clarifies.  shipping is just a little to tough for me.  the part where you put what you have ‘out there’ for public/private consumption seems to start the cycle all over again.  no, it forces a mind shift that you aren’t prepared for in the thrashing/working/tuning phases.  let’s not call it putting out fires but at times it comes close to all out damage control.  the most recent version of this course is nearly completely reliant on the management system and not a third party development package, which was a source of great frustration for me in the past.  i would like to think that i learn lessons from the books i read and linchpin seems to have offered me all sorts of insight regarding the work we do and when it is time to let go, get in ready position and field what comes at you next.

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I have had some trouble embracing some of Seth Godin’s ideas regarding the art that we produce while reading his latest book linchpin. I got to a part of the book yesterday that hit home with me. He talks about thrashing and what that can mean to a project. The key is to thrash early, thrashing late all but dooms a project to failure. It got me thinking about the online courses that we have been working on and now I’m wondering if I’m thrashing late. I also like his ideas about shipping. Everything ships, which is a great way of talking about producing.

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seth godin is brilliant, in my estimation, for several reasons.  the most reason reason being his method for releasing his latest book.  for a set donation to a charity of his choice i was able to receive an advanced copy of his latest book ‘linchpin’.  the donation was roughly the price of a book that i would have bought anyway and it makes me feel charitable…cheers seth 🙂  as far as the book itself, godin has an interesting way of writing and while reading tribes i wasn’t able to put my finger on it, the book just worked well for reading in short bursts.  i didn’t give it much thought past that, however after starting linchpin and thinking a bit more about it, it seems to me that each entry he writes sort of stands on its own and i could see his book being a collection of blog postings as much as a book.  don’t get me wrong, they work well together but i wonder if that is a commentary on literacy in 2010.  perhaps i’ve conditioned myself to read in short bursts like i find in time magazine or blogs that i read.  the book itself is interesting and certainly food for thought.  am i indispensable?  what do linchpins do and how does that change the way jobs that look like glorified automation function?  good stuff.

our team had a little foray into the myers briggs test and after it was all said and done i left thinking about a silly question i used to ask my students: would you rather win an olympic medal as an individual or as part of a team.  hands down, my answer is team.  i don’t like the spotlight, but i thoroughly enjoy when i find myself part of a team that achieves excellence.  i suppose it could have to do with having someone else to share the experience with, but i’m not sure my reasons would skew so touchy-feely.  i just like being part of a ‘well oiled machine’ to use the cliche.  i’m not sure what part of the myers briggs test got me thinking in this way, but i believe a persons answer to that question about the olympic medal says something about them.

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