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brings to mind a box of well-used formulas that a family has kept alive…or that has kept the family alive.  it reminds me of some magical mixture that conjures up something new, something fantastic; without it the resultant would cease to exist.  all people of real importance have one that they use for something special to them. of the day

man, this was a tough one.  i thought this quick writing exercise was going to get easier, but with each new word it seems harder and harder to write and think at the same time.  ah well, it has been a fantastic catalyst for my blogging and place for me to get going which is generally the hardest part.  i did have something else on my mind this morning but it’s half-baked.  it seems like the struggle for power has been a theme popping up in my learning circles recently and i can’t help but think that ‘power struggle’ and ‘education’ seem to be strange bed fellows.  on the one hand anyone who has worked in education will tell you that the struggle always exists and happens on nearly every level, but i would hope they would be as quick to admit that it has no meaningful part in the classroom.  i love the idea of the word ‘struggle’ and what that means on a personal and class level because it strikes me as a process that leads to growth and understanding.  perhaps it’s the aspect of power that gets under my skin.  it brings to mind someone telling someone else what to do and i’m a bit of a contrarian.

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it seems odd that a word that can used for a beginning (of the day) is also associated with the end (in relation to a funeral).  i seem to keep this work close to awareness or focus.  it isn’t until you have achieved being it that you are really aware.  i suppose there is the boating pieces as well. word of the day

i suppose it’s time to start to go a bit deeper and this word is a great place.  i try my best to use a stream of consciousness when i react to the word of the day given the short timeline to write.  i find myself going back to the free writing examples i did with my kids when i was teaching 5th grade.  for some reason they had trouble keeping their pencils moving the entire time; maybe it has to do with thinking while you are writing about something else.  i don’t recall who said it, but there is a quote that goes something like ‘when you come to a fork in the road, take it’.  highly appropriate when participating in this type of exercise – it’s not important that you go in the ‘right’ direction, rather it is more important to go in ‘a’ direction.  there are too many times in life that we need to be measured and really consider our course of action, maybe i like oneword because their isn’t time to do this even if you wanted to.

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is an interesting site – i recommend it for anyone in a funk.  one word, sixty seconds, go.  below is my entry for today’s oneword, i won’t tell you what the word was.

is a mag­a­zine. it also seems to be an impor­tant part of early edu­ca­tion class­rooms and gifted pro­grams. it seems like a word that denotes a nat­ural way of acquir­ing knowl­edge. it brings me back to youth, per­haps it’s not a word that adults like to deal with…way too much unknown involved.

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