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monday sessions

i attended a social/emotional course this afternoon about using literature/movies/web tools to address teens.  there were only 2 of us in the session with the presenter – he told us that he pushes for secondary offerings each year, but they are never really well attended.  it was a bit of a downer talking about all the issues that teens run up against, but i’m looking forward to talking about tools for conversation.  the next session was podcasting and it proved to be a bit elementary.  it sounds like the last two days is what i really want to learn more about, so i’m happy to stick with it until then.  plus, i enjoy watching someone present technology to adults, as that is the position we are finding ourselves in more and more.  good stuff overall, i’m looking forward to adding another strand tomorrow.

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i’m going to try a few new ways of reflecting on the information i run across while at confratute.  i’m going to blog (obviously), twitter (which i usually do anyway), and audioboo (  audioboo will allow me to post short audio podcasts, sort of an audio blog.  i’ll be honest, my biggest concern is having people watch me talk to my phone.  i suppose i could simply hold it up and act like i’m talking to someone, but i think it’s best to just not overthink it.  i am looking forward to trying new tools and employing new ones in my efforts to reflect on new learning and new experiences.

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