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a good read on the death of vanity URLs

i was reading a good blog entry this morning regarding the death of personalized URLs and it got me thinking how short lived they are.  the blog discusses how the culture of google has reprogrammed us to simply type in the search words of what we are looking for as opposed to having to remember a URL address.  i’ll take it a step further and say that google has also freed us from remembering the correct suffix on a web address such as .org, .net, .tv, etc.  it sure didn’t last long did it?  it is all together possible that the personal URL craze may not have impacted many, many people.  i find it odd that something that was so clearly important to one group of people, was totally overlooked by a large segment of the population and now…its gone.  usually when something is SO important to a group others tend to acknowledge it, even if they don’t value it the same way but not in this case.  i guess that is how technology works, one craze is quickly supplanted by the next.  what if you are someone who tunes it all out?  i know getting caught up in a silly craze that won’t last long seems like the easier way out, but if you choose to ignore them all, aren’t you missing something?  recognizing trends is an important thinking skill and in a field like technology, i think if you fail to recognize trends eventually you are going to find that you don’t understand the next trend and we all know where that will lead.

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