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seven days > day 2

stephanie at change agency is talking about lists – use them and make them nice to read. so i here goes…

4 more iPad apps that made the front page – not lots of fan fare with this one but i got some nice response from my last list of 4 apps that i have found invaluable, so why not go for volume two.

Sorted – i’m not sure i would consider myself a list person, but i’m certainly a post-it note person so an app that generates lists for me is key.  i found that will all the features of the other apps on my iPad i was lacking an app that would provide lists.  sure, i could use the notepad, but it’s not the same.  i am able to create notes and sort through them like coverflow in iTunes.  each list allows me to create lists, highlight/tag them, sort them as a list, by priority, by date and by completion.  i have liked this one so much for its simple genius that it has made the dock…high praise.

Whiteboard – exactly how it sounds, you can create on a blank white board, bring in images and mark those up.  a few nice features it has is that there is a vga out so it can plug in to a projector, images can be saved once marked up and as long as devices are on the same wifi network you can create shared whiteboards.  i took a few screenshots of websites i wanted to show just in case i didn’t have wifi at a recent presentation and that is exactly what happened.  with no wifi i had no problem, i plugged in to the projector, pulled up this app and marked it up the way i had planned.

popplet – mind mapping in a way that no other apps/website can do it.  they have a web version in beta and hope to sync the two but they aren’t there yet.  each popplet in a web can be color coded, hold text, be drawn in or house a picture.  i’m visual and this is how i need to see things when i plan.  every so often you find an app this is not necessarily perfect, but it is perfect for you.  this is mine.

Evernote – admission: i really want to use evernote more than i do, but the interface is holding me back.  the idea of having an app on your mobile device, on your desktop, on your laptop, and accessible by internet is great.  the fact that all of they sync is genius but there is something about the look of the notes i take that is holding me back.  i think the notes app for iPad has been a great tool to use and looks great but it doesn’t sync the way evernote does.  i’m hopeful that i will turn the corner on this one because it is so very useful..and the evidence is this app stays on my front page.

so there you have it, installment two and a nice little list too.

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the dark side of interactive whiteboards

bill ferriter has a great blog today about the relative uselessness of interactive whiteboards with respect to the “21st century” skills that we are trumpeting.  flat out, he’s right.  as a professional developer i find that using the ink layers from smart notebook 10 is super useful, but i find that the size of an interactive whiteboard doesn’t suit my needs, but it extends far beyond my simple observation of what i am currently doing.  i’ll say this – i see the value of the technology, being able to interact with the computer using your hands and ink layers, but i never thought much about the idea of how that plays out in some classrooms.  perhaps the interactive part is being reserved for the teacher only?  if the teacher is still using the same model of ‘conveyer of all knowledge’ with their kids at a desk then i would agree the the interactive whiteboard is not being used correctly.  i seem to remember hearing a saying about how good a tool is depends on the person who has it in their hand, my guess is that with interactive whiteboards the same rule is applicable.  so where does this leave me?  as any conscientious individual will tell you, i have to figure out the implications for what i do.  i work with teachers all the time, what message am i sending when i use interactive technology?  that’s going to take some thought.

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