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wrongly accused

during meetings when a person reaches for a pen and post it note, nobody thinks much of it.  in fact, perhaps this person is seen favorably for taking notes and being fully engaged.  is it possible the post it note now contains their shopping list?  maybe.  but don’t focus on that, because it looks like nothing is going on.  i use evernote.  it’s a program that exists online, on your desktop and on your mobile device; wherever you take notes it syncs the other two places so your notes are always there for you.  you can record typed messages, audio, and photographs.  brilliant, right?  so let’s just say that some guy wants to waste less paper and sticky adhesive and decides to use a tool like evernote, and when it’s time to jot a note down this guys turns his iPhone on record it?  no problem, right?  WRONG!  the moment the iPhone is picked up people are looking at the guy and thinking “look who’s checking his mail” or “i can’t believe this guy is going to text in the middle of a meeting” or “what app is he having fun with”.  it seems like productivity tools that live on our mobile devices are given a bad rap simply because it looks like the person using them is disengaging.

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does anyone speak this language?

i have to be honest, i’m not even sure which language this is written in, but the video offers remarkable possibilities.  check it out.

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meeting new ppl

among the many ppl i’ve met, i am hoping to expand our webcam friends for training.  our adventure with skyping in jeri was so successful that i was thinking about who else we could bring in.  i met a high school teacher, john, who uses a completely paperless classroom.  alex teaches at a school for twice exceptional students.  there are lots of luminaries in the field that we have had the chance to meet, but i think it would be great to have other teachers from around the country be able to join our trainings and share what they are doing in the classes that work.  also, check out – there is a “confratute” live feed you can view.  what this feed does it pulls key words from twitter, so if you use the word “confratute” in your tweet it goes to the coveritlive page, try it please.  go tweet something about you knowing someone is having a nice time at confratute and see how it will show up.  i was in a session today, but was curious about the tour de france, so i was able to find a few tour feeds on coveritlive (accessed from my iphone) and watch (sparingly as i was ENTHRALLED with the speaker) what others were saying about the action.  there are LOTS of other features as well.  i spoke to the tech folks, brian and kristina, last night about it and they put it up today.  i’m seeing possibilities for my work…

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handheld palooza

having wrestled with “gently used” equipment yesterday in an effort to download programs that we need for our big event next week, it had me thinking how quickly technology becomes outdated.  it seems like the window of relevance on so many items is getting shorter and shorter and it seems to be the desktop computer is simply going to be a thing of the past very, very soon.  if it’s not portable, it just seems to be a dinosaur.  perhaps if i had the pleasure of using the newest and shiniest yesterday i wouldn’t have that feeling.  personally, i find myself reaching for my iphone a lot quicker than i do flipping open my macbook because its just a quicker process.  i am not making a case to get rid of standard computers, perhaps i’m making a public acknowledgement that the age of the smart phone, in my estimation, has arrived in my life and i don’t look forward to ever going back.  how many times to make the comment about websites that should have a mobile version or iphone app?  its not about changing the way i live, its about finally having a tool that fits me.  i’m thinking about all the technology that we will be using and teaching next week and how much of it can be accessed and manipulated on a handheld smart phone.  lots.

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new yorker cover done entirely on an iphone

if you’ve not seen it, check it out

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